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Steering Committee

Susanne Iwarsson (chair, Faculty of Medicine)
Agneta Malmgren Fänge (Faculty of Medicine)       
Håkan Jönson (Faculty of Social Sciences)       
Per-Olof Hedvall (Faculty of Engineering LTH)
Titti Mattsson (Faculty of Law)
Lizette Norin (PhD student representative, Faculty of Medicine)
Steven Schmidt (adjunct member, scientific coordinator, Faculty of Medicine)

The steering committee might appoint additional members, permanently or temporary, in order to fulfill its committment. 

The steering committee is responsible for:

  • maintaining and further developing CASE as a strong and sustainable international brand for research on ageing and supportive environments at Lund University.
  • designing CASE vision and mission as well as making it possible for researchers to affiliate to CASE, support them and provide common and relevant activities. 
  • deciding on affiliation/inclusion of additional research groups and/or individual researchers from the participating faculties. 
  • establishing a national coordinating function within the network's main research areas. 
  • applying for funding, when possible, of grants for cooperation across faculties, at Lund University. 
  • encouraging affiliated researchers to include a budget for the centre's basic functions when applying for external project funding.  
  • setting up a yearly budget for the centre's basic functions.

Composition of the Steering Committee
CASE is led by a steering committee consisting of six members: chair, one representative from each of the four faculties and a PhD student representative. 

Consulting with Faculty Deans
The chair and the members of the CASE Steering Committee are appointed by the board of the Faculty of Medicine, after consulting with the deans of the participating faculties. The PhD student representative is appointed according to the Students Regulation document.

The chair will also be the Coordinator of the centre and must have a PhD degree. Normally, the term for all members should be three years, the PhD student excepted. The Faculty of Medicine will host the centre. 

Cooperation with user board
The Steering Committee will continuously consult CASE User Board, e.g. by inviting the chair of the User Board to Steering Committee meetings. 

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