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CASE Stakeholder Council

CASE has a stakeholder council that is an active part of centre’s activities, which provides input and ideas for the centre’s various research projects.

The CASE research centre works in active collaboration with users and knowledge users in a number of research projects. CASE has a user board that is an active part of centre’s activities. The user board provides input, ideas and poses research questions for the centre’s various research projects.

The user board consists mainly of older people and representatives of relevant organisations, such as pensioner’s associations and family members and carers’ organisations. The user board may also include representatives from government agencies and the business sector, as well as professionals in other sectors, such as the healthcare and social care sector and community planning.

Participation in various projects

The common thread among members of the user board is a shared interest in the target groups of the centre’s research and the knowledge that is produced. CASE strives as much as possible to reflect the diversity of the local community when appointing members to the user board.

The user board is primarily active within the UserAge research programme, but also participates in other CASE projects. The board may be supplemented with additional members as needed.

Contact CASE or the chair of the user board if you have suggestions for relevant new research topics or if you would like to know more about how you can collaborate with our researchers and the user board as a user and knowledge user.


Portrait of the chair of the user board.

Stig Ålund

Chair of the Stakeholder Council
+46 72 522 99 04
stig [dot] ake [dot] alund [at] gmail [dot] com