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About CASE

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Supportive environments for an ageing population
Centre of Ageing and Supportive Environments (CASE) is a network-based centre at Lund University, established in 2007. Supportive environments for the ageing population is the focus of our research. 

Four faculties cooperate
CASE consists of research groups from the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Social Sciences and is led by a Steering Committee. A User Board is an important function of the centre.

Inter- and transdisciplinary research
The inter- and transdisciplinary research concerns issues about interaction of older people and environments, and their activities, participation, mobility and health, in Sweden and in other countries.

Target groups and environments
CASE research includes individuals, groups and the ageing population at large. Healthy, active seniors as well as people ageing with chronic diseases or a disability, in different age groups, are at the core of our research.

Photo: Johan Bävman

Daily activities are in focus
Situations where daily acitivites take place are central in CASE research, e.g. housing and the immediate environments. Social and cultural aspects are also included. Studies on attitudes to ageing is a growing research theme. 

Knowledge users in focus
Besides the researchers, the knowledge users are actively engaged in CASE. Knowledge users are elderly persons, associated organizations, personnel in health and social care, community planners, politicians, business representatives etc. We hope research results will have a positive impact on the elderlies' daily life, on individual, group and community levels.

Research on and with user participation
Research and implementation of research results in real life is an important part of our work. Research on and with user participation is a priority, e.g. in the research programme UserAge.

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Training of future researchers
CASE is an inter- and transdisciplinary research environment where future researchers are offered the necessary training to be able to generate novel research results and put them into practice.  These results concern supportive environments for mobility, participation, activity and health in different groups and parts of the society.

The Swedish National Graduate School for Competitive Science on Ageing and Health (SWEAH)
CASE is responsible for the National Graduate School on Ageing and Health (SWEAH), coordinating education and training on the graduate and postdoc levels. SWEAH involves PhD students and their supervisors at 15 universities, as well as in Region Skåne.

10-year jubilee as a Forte centre
During the period 2007-2016, CASE was financed by the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (Forte). All goals were reached, and this was celebrated by a 10-year jubilee in October 2016. See a summary of our work 2007-2016: Ten years with CASE (pdf 2,1 MB)

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Are you interested?

New partners are always welcome to join CASE. We aim at building a network intending to renew and reinforce research on ageing and supportive environments, at Lund University and also at other universities in the region. Other parts of the community and knowledge users are also invited to participate in CASE's activities.

Susanne Iwarsson
Professor, coordinator
Tel: +46 46 222 1940
E-mail: Susanne [dot] Iwarsson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Ingrid Hilborn
Research Administrator
Tel: +46 46 222 1873
Cell phone: 0730-81 57 88
E-mail: ingrid [dot] hilborn [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se