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About CASE

Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments (CASE) is a strong research environment in ageing and health at Lund University.

An older man in his home. Photo.

CASE is a research centre that works to develop knowledge on ageing and health. The centre works with a focus on supportive environments for the ageing population.

The research centre consists of research environments from the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Social sciences and Faculty of Engineering (LTH). The centre’s activities are led by a steering committee in close collaboration with the User Board.

Interdisciplinary research

The centre conducts interdisciplinary research that investigates issues relating to participation, mobility and health in the ageing population. 

CASE’s research concerns individuals, groups and the ageing population in general. Our research investigates both the healthy, active population as well as the ageing population afflicted with chronic diseases, disabilities or other vulnerabilities.

Researchers at the centre are especially interested in investigating issues related to ageing and everyday life. These issues may relate to housing, technology, the traffic environment and health and social care. Studies on attitudes towards ageing and collaboration are growing research domains.

Focus on supportive environments for the ageing population

CASE’s research focuses on improving the lives of older people and the centre collaborates with private individuals, pensioners’ organisations, politicians and staff in healthcare and social care, community planning and the business community. 

Educating tomorrow’s researchers

CASE coordinates education and training for future researchers in the field of ageing and supportive environments. Our PhD students learn to translate research-based strategies into practical solutions to promote increased participation, well-being and health among the ageing population.

The research centre is also responsible for the National Graduate School on Ageing and Health SWEAH, which is coordinated by Lund University.