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The UserAge research programme will provide a greater understanding of the benefits of user participation in different phases of the research process.

User participation has become an important component in many research projects. Within the UserAge programme, researchers study user participation to increase our understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by the participation of knowledge users in research on ageing and health.

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UserAge is coordinated by the CASE research centre at Lund University and is carried out in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg, Kristianstad University and Linnaeus University.

Increase the impact of user participation

One aim of the research programme is to develop methods and models that can increase the impact of user participation. The researchers work in collaboration with representatives of pensioners’ organisations, carers and vulnerable members of the older population. Actors from the public and private sectors are also involved in the programme. Staff in healthcare and social care, as well as members of the housing and real estate sectors, also contribute to the research programme.

Additional studies and projects

The six-year research programme includes a number of different studies and projects. Four PhD projects are investigating ways that research can be conducted in collaboration with users from different categories. A national panel study is investigating researcher attitudes towards user participation and different categories of users. Studies on the translation of political ambitions for user participation in research projects are also included.


Information about UserAge

Contact person and principal investigator at Lund University: Susanne Iwarsson, professor and coordinator at CASE, Lund University
Project members at Lund University: Susanne Iwarsson, Steven Schmidt, Oskar Jonsson, Håkan Jönson, Björn Slaug, Maya Kylén, Sara Hultqvist, Joakim Frögren, Erik Skogh and the CASE and UserAge user board.
Partners: Researchers at University of Gothenburg, Kristianstad University and Linnaeus University
Project period: 2017-2022
Research areas: User participation, ageing and health, cooperation, implementation research.
Funders: Swedish Research Council for Health, Working life and Welfare, Ribbingska minnesfonden