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Collaboration initiative

The CASE research centre is responsible for one of Lund University's thematic collaboration initiatives. The thematic collaboration initiatives are part of an initiative to contribute to the solution of key societal challenges.

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Lund University’s thematic collaboration initiatives create a vibrant meeting hub for knowledge exchange within a specific problem area relevant to society at large.

The CASE research centre works in close collaboration with a number of actors inside and outside academia within Lund University’s thematic collaboration Social Rights and Housing for the Ageing Population.

The creation of good living conditions for the ageing population is a challenge faced by modern societies across the globe. More knowledge is needed about inclusive, long-term sustainable housing options for the ageing population and the creation of residential areas that benefit healthy ageing, regardless of an individual’s access to resources.

The collaboration initiative Social Rights and Housing for the Ageing Population is a hub for knowledge exchange in the areas of housing and residential areas. The goal of this particular thematic collaboration initiative is to generate knowledge that will have an impact on the housing stock and housing policy of the future.

Participating faculties

External partners

Examples of research projects related to Social Rights and Housing for the Ageing Population



Susanne Iwarsson
Professor and project coordinator
+46 46 222 19 40
susanne [dot] iwarsson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Oskar Jonsson
Activity coordinator
+46 72 711 24 25
oskar [dot] jonsson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se